Friday, June 24, 2011

"sorry this was meant to just be a status update,it just got to long"

i suppose this is mainly one for the babes out there!

any ways.

I had one of those weird moments on the tube the other day.
you know where it feels like you've taken acid.
but you havnt.
you know when you seem to see things how they are all of a sudden and it hits you in your tummy and makes you go..."woah" in your brain.

im not saying what im about to in a bitter way like those ladies on loose women.
im just saying this in a totally perplexed way.

i was sat on the tube looking at a frail model on an advert.
then looked around me at the packed tube and saw how completely different everyone looked and thought" hang on"?
models are the tiny minority?
these weak individuals.

if it came to fight like the planet was starving we would BATTER them!!!
(not that they would be putting up a fight for the food)
(would be the ultimate act of selfishness to take the last remaining grain of rice...then puke it back up)
but instead we pay them millions!!
Then put them on pictures every where and worship them and feel bad about our selves?

we could very easily all turn round and go FREAKS!!!..and make them feel terrible.
because there are more of us?

we could literally all stand up and go "YOU ARE FUCKING HIDEOUS."...and if we all did it...what could they do?
you cant really argue can you?

its like if a really pleasant alien was observing us and landed and sat and observed the situation totally objectively and sanely
(a sort of slimy green psychiatrist)
and asked...
"why do you feel so bad"?
its coz i dont feel i look right.
because i dont look like her.
well that's how your supposed to look.
"But no one does...ive been looking at your planet for ages and there only a few"?

he'd think we were off our tits!!!!
and we are arnt we?
we are doing this to our selves.

what the heck happened?

he'd probably say ...
"oh so are they very gifted assuming that they must be super intelligent"???


their input to the world generally consists of nothing but making people feel bad.

its not their fault tho.
what do you expect?
we live in a world where you have to make money to survive...

"oi you"
"yeah do you want 500 grand to stand with your hands on your hips and make your lips go a bit bigger'?
nah not for me thanks!

they are just trying to make a living.
fair play to them.

its ours.
we do it to ourselves.

isnt this weird to anyone???

or is it just me?
THEY are the odd ones out?

you here about these people getting a raw deal in ethnic minoritys.
well there are less models than any ethnic minority?

we could all become "modelists" and bully the shit out of them!!

originally we must have chosen beauty as survival of the fittest .
an evolutionary thing.
the big strong man etc.
but the media that we created has become really warped.
weve twisted it into a hideous beast.
one that uses ill people?

HAHA how mad is that??????

im actually laughing now thinking about it.
how it must look.

when i was sat there the other day and had my acid moment it was like that bit in" the devils advocate" when the 2 sexy women go shopping with keanu reeves wife and they smile then their faces go all scary.



i know i'm not saying anything revolutionary.
its just making me laugh the power of the media.
if you can make someone feel bad because they dont look like minority of ill people .
somethings gone weird.


Im off to buy vogue.
apparently cheryls got a new gucci bracelet.
Im hoping to get one.

mwah x

p.s if it doesnt look right on me.
i'm going to hang my self. x

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